Advertising underwater ink photography of beer bottle with squid`s tentacles

Ink photography, CGI and beer bottle „Baltic Abyss”.

To take this picture we were inspired by „Baltic Abyss” beer from Solipiwko Brewery. The label, designed by Flov Studio, refers to marine legends about treasures submerged at the bottom of the sea, guarded by demons and ghosts.

To capture the image we used the technique of underwater Ink photography and CGI. The bottle had mounted elements imitating the shape of the squid’s tentacles, because we wanted the ink to physically react and shape itself in the right way. The tentacle elements have been replaced by 3D models in post-production.

Photography & Post-production – Łukasz Mazurkiewicz

Concept & 3D render – Adam Mazurkiewicz

Ink Stylization – Justyna Mazurkiewicz

winners badge silver and gold

Photo of beer bottle Baltic Abyss won two gold medals in categories of “beverages” and “liquids” at One Eyeland World‘s Top Ten Still Life Photo Contest 2020, and silver medal in the advertising/product category at Prix de la Photographie de Paris 2022.

concept baltic abyss

Concept Art

baltic abyss backstage


3D model squid

3D Model