Flawsome Drinks — arranged photos and packshots of bottles and cans.

The photos were published on the website, social media and online store of Flawsome Drinks. The company producing these juices draws attention to the problem of wasting food, uses wonky fruits that do not meet the aesthetic standards and transform into a perfectly crafted cold-pressed juice.

The arrangements show the products and fruits from which the juices were made, and the colors of the photos refer to the design of the website.

Juice in cans with drink in glass and fruits
creative photo on yellow background with botlles, cans and fruits
flawsome drinks juice in bottles with fruits
rhubarb cherry cocktail soft drinks
vitamin shots
fruit juice in bottles
packshot of fruit juice in bottles
packshot apple juice
apple juice
puszki z gazowanym sokiem
puszki z gazowanym sokiem rabarbarowym w pudełku
puszki z gazowanym sokiem jabłkowym w pudełku
puszki z gazowanym sokiem wiśniowym w pudełku