Photo of beer cans on a cracked soil

Flov Brand Design Studio — arranged photos of craft beer cans.

The photos were taken for Flov Brand Design Studio, which has been designing craft beer labels for the Birbant brewery for several years. Inspirations for these projects were firmly rooted in abstract visions, old beliefs or simply interpretations of beer ingredients or their flavor and aroma profile.

The series of images in a surreal and abstract styles refers to designs on labels and present beer cans in various sceneries. The set designs were created by myself, using various techniques and materials, such as polymer clay, plaster casts, paper models, as well as creating a desert and cracked soil on a large surface in my studio.

winners badge mention 1

Photos of Birbant brewery craft beer cans received a honorable mention at Prix de la Photographie de Paris 2022.

Photo of beer cans on clouds
Photo of beer cans
Photo of beer cans on sand scene
Photo of a beer cans in a abstract scene
Photo of a beer cans