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  • Cold Brew Coffee orange flavour in a bottle on a yellow background with sky

    Kyoto Cold Brew Coffee — photos for Flov Brand Design Studio.

    Photos of Kyoto bottles for the Flov branding studio, which in cooperation with the Birbant brewery and Coffee Hunter coffee roaster, created cold macerated coffee. This is the second photo session of this coffee and this time I created completely unusual set for bottles and ingredients referring to holiday time. Photos of Kyoto Cold Brew Coffee…

  • Photo of beer cans on a cracked soil

    Flov Brand Design Studio — arranged photos of craft beer cans.

    The photos were taken for Flov Brand Design Studio, which has been designing craft beer labels for the Birbant brewery for several years. Inspirations for these projects were firmly rooted in abstract visions, old beliefs or simply interpretations of beer ingredients or their flavor and aroma profile. The series of images in a surreal and abstract…

  • Fotografia produktowa czterech butelek z owocowymi napojami.

    Bjorn — photos of soft drinks.

    The images were created for Flov Brand Design Studio, which made the branding of these craft beverages.

  • Flawsome Drinks — arranged photos and packshots of bottles and cans.

    The photos were published on the website, social media and online store of Flawsome Drinks. The company producing these juices draws attention to the problem of wasting food, uses wonky fruits that do not meet the aesthetic standards and transform into a perfectly crafted cold-pressed juice. The arrangements show the products and fruits from which the…

  • Trumpet inside blue box

    Photos for Bartez Store and Service of Wind Instruments.

    Photographs of musical instruments and accessories that I took for the new online store for Bartez Store and Service of Wind Instruments. The photos refer to individual sections of the store, such as “news”, “promotions”, “accessories”, etc. Images also evoke associations with the Service of Wind Instruments, of which the store is an integral part. Backstage

  • motor oil series packaging photography

    Daytona Lubricants — photos of machine oil packaging.

    Photos of oil containers in various configurations for presentation in the portfolio. New labels for Daytona Lubricants were designed by Michał Ruchel. Backstage

  • wyświetlacz HUD wewnątrz kasku motocyklowego

    HUD module in a motorcycle helmet — photos for Seemore.

    Photos of the Head-Up Display module placed inside a motorcycle helmet for Seemore, a company that develops, designs and implements technological solutions based on futuristic visions in the field of augmented reality. This module is used to display information on the helmet’s viewfinder. Backstage

  • Kyoto — advertising photos of cold brew coffee.

    Photos of Kyoto bottles for the Flov branding studio, which in cooperation with the Birbant brewery and Coffee Hunter coffee roaster, created cold macerated coffee. The first records of this method of preparing coffee come from Japan. In the 17th century the drink was known as “Kyoto style coffee”, named after the city where it…

  • bottle gardens

    Dżunglas — advertising photos of bottle gardens.

    Advertising photos and packshots of bottle gardens made by Dżunglas. The arrangements in an abstract way present the jars and the lid with the Dżunglas logo, thanks to which the environment changes and covers with vegetation where they appear. Backstage

  • Advertising underwater ink photography of beer bottle with squid`s tentacles

    Ink photography, CGI and beer bottle „Baltic Abyss”.

    To take this picture we were inspired by „Baltic Abyss” beer from Solipiwko Brewery. The label, designed by Flov Studio, refers to marine legends about treasures submerged at the bottom of the sea, guarded by demons and ghosts. To capture the image we used the technique of underwater Ink photography and CGI. The bottle had…