Trumpet inside blue box

Photos for Bartez Store and Service of Wind Instruments.

Photographs of musical instruments and accessories that I took for the new online store for Bartez Store and Service of Wind Instruments. The photos refer to individual sections of the store, such as “news”, “promotions”, “accessories”, etc. Images also evoke associations with the Service of Wind Instruments, of which the store is an integral part.

Saxophone structure explosion
music instruments lying on a blue surface
Two trumpets lying on blue and white surfaces
Many trumpet and saxophone mouthpieces lying on surface
accessories for wind instruments
Disassembled deconstructed levitating music instrument tenor saxophone
music instrment on a white background
alto saxophone on a white background


photography backstage 1
The great saxophonist Tomasz Wendt helped me with this one.
photography backstage 2
photography backstage 3
photography backstage 4